About the project

Ve’ahavta Project is:
A political and above controversy,
This is a project that crosses sectors,
It sails away across the sea and over mainlands,
Connecting cultures and corrects injustices,
Getting friends together
and job satisfaction among relatives,
Getting a good atmosphere,
greeting people. 

The vision of the project is: 

Ve’ahavta Project moves on
the axis society-environment,
And is designed to serve as some milestones,
To design a supportive
and enabling environment,
At fulfillment to the general public
and the individual’s ambitions,
According to the principle of choice by life,
Because the truth and peace living together. 

Rationale | The main goal

Creating a visual identity through Jewish values,
That are common to all people,
To connecting people,
And to create unity and human discourse,
And to remove the barriers that separate us,
And distribution the value of unconditional love for our nation.

Brand Identity

 The State of Israel is a miracle,
Is a country born out of crises,
It develops and grows thanks to this Jewish spirit,
The Jewish people survived
the Holocaust thanks to the strength of his faith,
Over the years,
we have evolved
and we were divided into varied groups,
But it's time to go home to reconnect.

veahavta project, because it's time for unity.

 The story behind the brand

The State of Israel is a multicultural state
Which contains a wide variety of groups in the population
Religious and secular, ultra-Orthodox and traditional,
Right Politics and left Politics, Religious knitted skullcaps,
Youth of the hills, Minority groups, A population of the LGBT and more...

 In addition, the ethnic demon
lives is out of the bottle,
Even today, in 2019 public discourse
continues to produce the sounds of disputes
between Ashkenazim and Sephardim,
Delay between left and right
and between similar and different people. 

There is no problem with various traditions and perspectives,
And with the personal faith of each individual,
But ethnic divisions create unnecessary arguments,
that does not benefit us.

The main purpose of the project is
to raise the value of unconditional love
to the people of Israel,
and spread the word. 
Maintain personal tradition
but also to connect,
Deep in common Environments,
More rooted in more fundamental than it is­,
Our common identity as the Jewish people.